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Thursday, April 19, 2012

CD TRESNO : Self-titled EP (From one of the earliest Alternative/Indie band in Bintulu)

TRESNO, one of Bintulu's earliest alternative band formed in the early 2000s. Now re-releasing their songs from the previous demos (Sonnet 18 & Dearly Departed) and adding up one bonus track, Tresno vibrant sounds will once more flourish after 5 years of absent. The Song-list:
1. Covergirl
2. Can't You See
3. Terpulang Padamu
4. She's not mine
5. Imaginary World
6. Sinar Wajahmu
7. Leave And Let Go
8. Pelita / Falling Slowly (cover)
9. Blame It On Me (Old Tune)

Price: RM5 Only (Please add another Rm5 for postage if you are from outside Bintulu)

This will be the first CD to be published under a label METUK ULAU UNDERGROUND VOICES (WEBZINE & DISTRO). For further info about the band, please visit or call/sms 013-8090845 (Adi Herman)

Review from other band:

"while listening to Tresno's very own ep CD-R (actually it's a combination of their previous releases) it reminds me of how wonderful 90s alternative music are. Basically,for me Tresno are influenced by mainly 90s bands like Ash,Teenage Fanclub, Weezer and many more bands that came out in 90s.With their beautiful crunchy guitar and blends with simple melodies (yet it can be humming and stuck in my head ) Tresno actually have a potential to go far in industry.Some of their songs like Can't You See,Terpulang Padamu,Sinar Wajahmu and She's Not Mine actually have a great arrangements and to be honest,these songs are on my favourite list now...:) My advice to them,try to record a proper EP and distribute it widely ( by selling it widely,not mean that we are going to sell out right?cut that crap old thinking!!!) Two thumbs up to Tresno,i will support u guys in all the our beautiful local it metal,punk,hardcore,indie or even hip long as we sincere with our music,you have my respect!!" - Gilbert (from the band The Poker, The Subject & a retiredrocker)

Tresno : Live at Charity Gig 2005
Blame it on me (Old Tunes)

So what are you waiting for? Get a copy now guys!


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