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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

another taxman in the blogspot

welcome friends and foes...samada yang telah lama mengenali ataupun first encounter with me...untuk permulaan i just wanna warm up things a bit dengan hanya saying hi to all, lain kali aku akan cerita lebih pasal diri aku, my loves and hates, my environment,political issues (not so detail lah, as far as i know only ok, aku bukan avid political blogger mcm Raja Petra-no offence)my works, my ambition and my hopes & dreams cauze we all have dreams right? frankly speaking aku akan discuss pasal anything yang aku suka...if u don't like it well then so be it, hehe i'm cool with that, no fuss ok...i'm gonna sign out right now...chow!!!
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