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Friday, June 10, 2011

CD KREMATION - Let Them Hate and Fear (Promo 2011)

KREMATION - Let Them Hate and Fear (Promo 2011)
2 tracks
Free outdoor sticker (4"x4") + Flyers
Price RM12
Produce by Eastern Voice Production
...Release on 20 Mei 2011(Out Now)
for preview
*Free to tag/ untag

KREMATION - Sebuah band Extreme Death Metal Bumi Kenyalang yang tidak perlu diperkenalkan lagi.Setelah mengalami proses hiatus yang agak lama, mereka kembali dengan rilisan yang bertajuk "Let Them Hate and Fear".Berikutnya menceritakan serba sedikit tentang sejarah band ini (petikan dari Facebook mereka):

The band formed in 1992, was founded by Amier (guitar / vocals), Norman (guitar), Nasth Sheir (bass) and Bend (drums). However, with the participation of Bend and Norman Kremation only a few months due to personal problems, which was taken over by Oden (Drums) Dam San Burn (guitar) in early 1993. In 1995, they have issued Promo Tape95 and had regular shows with bands like Verdaqah arms, Infernal, Worship, Larrong, Nesferator and others in which the parties organized by the studio and label underground. At the end of the year, Amier has decided to withdraw because he wants to devote his attention to subjects and then followed by Oden. Thus, the only living member of the San Burn (as guitarist besides Amier place as vocalist) and Nasth Sheir (bass player). So, once again they are faced with the problem of line-up so that all activities involving the sudden and started Kremation menyepikan themselves. However, in 1997, Kremation material comes back with two of them (Promo-Tape97) which had received very encouraging response, especially among their loyal followers at the time. In that year also saw the entry of a new member of the Kremation Rithman as the main guitarist of the band. In about the year 1998 Kremation into the studio again and this time they were using his services Yazid (ex-Blackfire) as a producer for their EP recording session titled Reborn. The EP was distributed by Nebiula Production in 1999. A year later, they emerged with the LP is entitled "Head Hunter Revenge of which are distributed by Music Trax Sdn Bhd.

2011 line up..nasth sheir bass & vocals,mad the butcher demonator guitar & vocals.Aba-guitar \m/

Kepada mereka yang berada di luar kawasan Bintulu yang ingin membeli cd ini, sila tambah RM5 lagi untuk tujuan pos ekspres.Jika berminat, bolehlah menghubungi saya di talian 013-8090845 (Adi)

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