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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Interview with Vormit (Dated 13/05/2010)

Vormit, sebuah nama band Grindcore yang tidak perlu diperkenalkan lagi di dalam arena Muzik Berat di Sarawak. Sememangnya banyak pendengar akan menyetujui pendapat saya jika saya katakan bahawa band ini banyak mempengaruhi perkembangan underground scene di Sarawak umumnya. Tanpa melengahkan masa lagi, di bawah merupakan temubual di antara saya dengan Vormit sendiri melalui laman sesawang Facebook. Maaf kerana temubual ini dibuat dalam bahasa inggeris.

1. In a nutshell, can you tell us especially to your newly fans the HISTORY of Vormit?

Vormit is a grincore band formed in 1991. The name came from the word 'vomit' in which the letter 'R' is added as to differentiate the band's name from its true meaning. At first the concept of the band were more noisecore-oriented than grindcore. The first demo was released in 1991 named 'Blossom In Putrid'. The band then faced a number of line-up changes, which in turn contributed to the second demo in 1992 'The God Project'. Following the recording of this demo, We decided to extend our concept of a more melodic-death grindcore style. Soon afterwards the band entered a period of hibernation 1993 whereby it reformed again in the year 2000. New band's line-up were formed and this contribute to the released of 'Calendar Sadness' EP in 2002, that took on a slighty different sound, blending Grindcore with Speed-Thrash metal, with a more vibrant rhythmic melody. Vormit continued performing in gigs and mini concerts throughout the city, East & West Malaysia, intended to promote the band's name. Promo pack 'Suicide Motives' were released during that time, along with the remastered CDs of previous releases. The fans requested that Vormit's songs should have a much more raw grind quality to them, which came our conscious on releasing our first album 'Life Is Your Enemy' in 2007, under Eastern Voice Production.

2. Tell us what bands that influences Vormit's music?

Many. Different sound elements were brought up by each of band member's ideology, and the band concept subtly changing with each release, but not forgetting the main personality of the band which is grindcore.

3. During live performances and recording, what kind of gears/amplifier/guitars/bass/drumset that you guys use?

Mostly in mid 1990's gadgets that are available in jamming studios were Boss Distortion stompbox. As we reached the new millenium era Boss Metal Zone pedal appeared and instantly became a hit for metal fans. We use mostly Marshall Combo amps during live performance. The guitarists were using Zoom GFX-4 during Rock The World 6 show at Stadium Merdeka in KL. The drummer used Iron Cobra pedal periodically. Recently for guitarists, pedal effects are in favours due to better raw sound it produces. Pedal stacks such as Digitech MetalMaster, Boss EQ, Boss Noise Suppressor, Boss MetalCore, Korg Pitchblack Tuner are the best choice, to be use alongside ESP & BC Rich guitar. As for bass, pedal box such as Boss Commpressor Sustainer were used. For recordings, different gadgets/gears were used depending on settings & availability of equipments in the studio.

4. Tell us Vormit's bittersweet memories for the last 10 years active in the heavy music scene?

There is too much memories to begin with haha.. just want to recap the difficulties of metal bands especially in East Malaysia, where all hopes to become successfull always falls down to the drain. Not many opportunity available.. you're on your own kid.. fortunately we managed to get out of that plateau and remained the way we are now. Band's personal problems are many, few disagreements with several contemporaries, but nothing personal. All feuds were dropped off for good not to tarnish the band's name, and we'll keep it that way..

5. Is there any new upcoming releases available soon?

Yes, the 2nd album will be out soon, with new label and new concept to a more progressive approach while retaining the 'grindcore' trademark. Hopefully will be released in early 2011..

6. During the Blossom In Putrid & The God Project era, the vocals in these releases almost the same as Infectious Maggots' 1st album, are you guys a big fan of this band? hehehe....

Both releases are made with two different vocal. Blossom in Putrid vocal were influenced by Carcass Reek of Putrefaction elements, whereby The God Project is more to Napalm Death Harmony Corruption sound arrangements. We heard Infectious Maggot by that time and somehow the vocals are almost identical, probably coincidence.. Yes we are in respect for them.. Hail!!

7. What do we expect from the upcoming releases...beside grinding our heads off?

Nothing much i can say, we try to give the best for the fans. Besides grinding to the teeth, the added speed riffing surely elevates the fans's neck to keep banging right till the end hahahaa..!

8. What new bands are you guys listening right now?

There are many bands which we listened to right now, there are no limit. To name a few: Katarklysm, Threat Signal, Daarth, Saving Grace, Divine Heresy etc..

9. I still remember you guys performed at Miri in 2003, that was by far the best Grindcore performance any sarawak band have to offer, but rumor has it that Miri crowd doesn't really digging Vormit's music, is that true? (mcm soalan Melodi pulak)

Probably true.. we can't blame em. It depends on exposure on certain states whether majority of listeners out there are into metal or not, what type of metal they are listening. Like Matu Daro, majority are Black Metal followers, Johor more to CrustGrind Community etc.. For Miri crowd i think there is some kind of metal genre that they can dig, anyway it is up to them.. :)

10. Last but not least, if there's any chances in the world, will you guys (in the nearest future) play gigs in Bintulu?

Definitely YES! Why not... Besides we are all a family living in this island of Borneo. If opportunity comes we will glad to be there... Hopefully a good event organizer will come forward soon, if both parties agreed on the terms & condition, we will be there.. :)


Anonymous said...

bravo bout vormit frontline? mybe some details on them as well.tx.xoxo

Adi Herman said...

ops sorry bro, i think u can get the info straight from them at:

Anonymous said...

embak g bintulu main..!!!

Adi Herman said...

hehehe sidak Vormit nang maok jak perform di bintulu tok cuma belom ada organizer jak...insyaAllah i try my best la utk embak sidak sidak gi sitok...

Anonymous said...

wwooooo besssss,...agik ada band tok..embak g bintulu woii..yearrgghhh..!!!!

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