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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

CD Promo - Bentara "Master Jedi"

Metuk Ulau Distro dengan bangganya mempromosikan satu rilisan seumpamanya dari gitaris otai genre old skool black metal kita, pengasas Langsuyr, saudara Ibrisam Akbar a.k.a. Bentara. Nama klasik beliau juga boleh dikenali sebagai Batara Guru. Nama beliau sudah tidak perlu diperkenalkan lagi dalam scene metal tempatan kerana beliau juga menjadi orang kuat dalam sesetengah band death metal terunggul tanahair seperti Necrotic Chaos, Vociferation Eternity dan bermacam2 lagi projek tepi beliau. Kini beliau tampil dalam projek solo sulungnya setelah secara rasminya keluar dari Langsuyr iaitu Master Jedi.

Keterangan terperinci (dipetik dari blog beliau):

BENTARA is a one-man project by me, Bentara who was the founder of LANGSUYR.

So what happened with LANGSUYR? Well, the band is still alive with the original members, Azlan and Azmaniac still in positions. You can check them out in the facebook and myspace. The supposedly 2nd album, Bullet, which was recorded in Feb 2008 is put on hold due to financial crisis on the label side. This, plus time and space constraints influenced my decision to quit LANGSUYR and concentrate on other musical projects.

I am tired with the Malaysian music industries which are very closed-minded, almost no support whatsoever from the music industry despite all me and LANGSUYR did to penetrate the supposedly local musical market. For that I am unleashing my solo effort simply named to myself, BENTARA.

BENTARA will feature some of my compositions which were originally meant for LANGSUYR but not (or never been) released. The first release is entitled Master Jedi, a 3 tracks demo in CD-R format which consist a song supposedly to be released in Bullet album entitled Penasaran and another two; Jebat and Master Jedi which were supposed to be released in future LANGSUYR releases.

Periodically, more music will be released since there are few more songs worth unleashing. This includes the legendary Sumpahan Tujuh Keturunan and Breezing Monsoon Dance which were originally composed during the “The Eastern Cruelty” EP by LANGSUYR in 1996 but never see the light! I know you are now drooling for those two songs, you have been waiting for this for SO LONG! However, let’s hope this plan works. You can help this to work by encouraging and giving me the support I needed much while I am juggling my time with family, works and all other necessary things in life.

So the first support I need is to show me that my works are still worthy of a spin or two. Let’s finish off Master Jedi which is released in a limited run of 150 copies only by paying the mere RM3 for the CDR.

You know what I am capable of. Me and LANGSUYR started it back in 1993! I will definitely rise again with your support!

Harga: RM 3.00 (tambah RM 3 lagi jika anda di luar kawasan Bintulu Sarawak
Hubungi: 013-8090845 (Adi Herman)

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