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Saturday, July 10, 2010

BATTLE OF THE BANDS 2010 (Organized by Everly Parkcity Hotel)

Organized by Everly Parkcity Hotel

BERITA GEMBIRA UNTUK PARA MUSICIAN BINTULU SEKALIAN!! Buat julung kalinya satu pertandingan Battle of the Bands akan diadakan di Parkcity Everly Hotel pada 1 Ogos 2010 akan datang, yuran kemasukan sebanyak RM120.00 dikenakan kepada setiap band yang memasuki pertandingan tersebut. Untuk keterangan lanjut mengenai perkara di atas, anda bolehlah menghubungi En. Rizal di talian 019-4890448. Keep on rocking in the free world!!!

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Bujang Kesindap said...

This is a great opportunity for local talents to show what they got. In the name of music, and not solely on winning purpose, this event is an exposure for all Bintuluans.

I'd love to be part of it. Pity that most of our band members are not in the town anymore due to career, family etc.

Anyway, looking forward for it. Most probably would attend and witness this great event.

Thanks for sharing!

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