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Friday, April 9, 2010

BUSSEG live at Zoso Wars 2007

BUSSEG is a Death Metal Band from Bintulu,Sarawak. Major influences of the band are Silkhannaz, As Sahar, Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Cardiac Necropsy, Necrotic Chaos etc. This live performance is taken from Battle of the Bands Zoso Wars 2007 at Dewan Suarah Bintulu. The band consist of Nizam (Vocal), Din (Drummer), Lai (Guitar) & Adi (Guitar & Backing Vocal).

Samarkand - Seasonal Abyss (Cover of Bloodshed)
Santapan Terakhir Raja Bersiong - Sil Khannaz


Mama Rock said...

itu guitarist n backing vocalist memang byk best woooo...

Adi Herman said...

hehe itu gitarist sudah pencen lo...susah mao ckp lo

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